Attica breathes out

The capital’s road network is expected to be decongested of an estimated 250,000 cars currently clogging it every day when the greater part of the Attiki Odos – except for the junction at Stavros in Aghia Paraskevi, whose bridge is due to be ready by next April – comes into operation at the beginning of next month. Even without the small section at Stavros, which drivers need only a brief detour to get past, the 62 kilometers (38.5 miles) of modern arterial road will soon be serving the mass of motorists traveling between Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, the tollgates at Elefsina and the adjacent suburbs by means of dozens of junctions accessing Attica. This significant project will help brighten up and decongest the lives of Attica residents. Residents of Aghia Paraskevi currently need at least 70-90 minutes to reach the Elefsina tollgates at rush hour before they can take the national road to the Peloponnese; from the beginning of next month, they will have bypassed the choked city center in a scant 20 minutes and will be on their way to their destinations at a reasonable speed and under vastly safer conditions. Residents of the southern suburbs traveling northward will experience similar benefits using the other national road. This represents a significant saving in time, fuel – and anxiety! It won’t come for free, however; drivers will need to pay a 2 euro toll fee instead of the current 1.80 euros.