November 14, 1953

GREECE-ALBANIA: Paris, 13 – Tirana’s radio station broadcast a report tonight that the Albanian government had submitted a proposal to the UN secretary-general, which they have asked him to forward to Greece. According to the text of the proposal, the Albanian government, within the framework of its desire to restore good neighborly relations with Greece, would like to set up a joint commission of Greeks and Albanians which would meet in the Albanian capital on December 15 for the purpose of replacing the markers along the common border which have either disappeared or been moved. NIELS BOHR: Yesterday at 6 p.m. in the reception hall of Athens University, a ceremony was held to declare the distinguished Danish scientist Niels Bohr an honorary doctor of the university’s School of Mathematics and Physics. Scientific research carried out by Bohr, a professor at the University of Copenhagen, has contributed more than that of anyone else to progress in nuclear physics and has earned him a Nobel Prize.