November 16-17, 1953

GRAMMAR IN VERSE: (From a letter to the «Athenian» in Kathimerini) – «We read recently in Kathimerini of the death of a person aged almost 100 years old, Dimitris Kolokotronis, who was a teacher of Greek and head of the Greek schools in our province. Kolokotronis became a legend among the generations of the last part of the past century and the first part of this century. However, what prompted me to write this letter is the wish to inform you of an original piece of work by the late, wise teacher. It was he who wrote ‘Grammar of the Greek Language’ in verse, in meter and in rhyme. I enclose herein a copy of the manuscript (…).» GREECE – WEST GERMANY: An agreement between the German and Greek governments was signed yesterday in Bonn by the German trade minister, Mr Ludwig Erhardt, and the Greek coordination minister, Mr Spyros Markezinis, for Germany’s economic contribution to Greece’s industrial development program, to the tune of 200 million Deutschmarks. Minister Erhardt said after the signing ceremony that the necessary capital would be found in the usual way in the market, without touching the Federal Republic’s budget.