November 19, 1953

AIRMEN’S TRIAL: Athens lawyers P. Mayiakos, G. Economopoulos, the former justice minister I. Passias, university lecturer C. Pagoulatos, Petros Zisis, director of the legal journal New Law F. Vegleris, I. Platsis and D. Mantzoulinos have sent a memorandum to the Bar Association informing it of their approval of the association’s decision to postpone the airmen’s trial currently under way by a military tribunal. They also praised the association’s management of the issue. At the same time they have asked that all those implicated in the alleged torture of the airmen be temporarily suspended pending an unbiased and independent investigation, whose findings will be irreproachable. GREEK BONDS: London, 18 – The rising trend of the price for Greek bonds has continued on the London Stock Exchange. Some Greek bonds have reached their highest levels ever. This revaluation is partly based on encouraging but nebulous hopes that Greece’s foreign debt will be settled, and partly on reports that the international bank will approve a substantial loan for Greece.