November 21, 1953

TRIPARTITE TREATY: London, 20 – Greece, Turkey and Yugoslavia have succeeded in strengthening their relations with each other and have given a more military character to their alliance, which is aimed at consolidating security in the free Balkan region. The above was decided at a 10-day meeting between military delegates from the three countries, held in Belgrade. According to the weekly Military Review, the journal of the Yugoslav army, the delegates «determined specific types of cooperation and the mutual obligations of each party to the agreement in the event of an attack against one of the signatories of the Balkan Treaty.» DISMISSAL: Yesterday evening, at a meeting of the Foreign Ministry’s Service Council, the question arose of the loss of the secret diplomatic code by the secretary of the Greek Embassy in Moscow, Mr Barmalias. The council decided to dismiss the secretary from the diplomatic service. RODOPOULOS: During yesterday’s (November 17) session of Parliament, Mr Constantine Rodopoulos, the parliamentary deputy for Larissa for the Greek Rally party, was elected parliamentary speaker.