November 22, 1953

COMMUNISTS: At 6.30 p.m. yesterday, Communists hung a 4-meter-wide banner outside a building site at 4 Sapphous Street, near the Athens Conservatory, celebrating the 35th anniversary of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE). They then lit a fire beside it so the banner would easily be seen. The police chief, Mr Tsaousis, rushed to the scene, along with the director of security Mr Rakintzis, who stated that the act was a typical Communist move designed to make an impression. No arrests were made. AIRMEN’S TRIAL: Lawyers defending airmen being tried by a military tribunal continued their summations yesterday. Mr Riganakos said that not only had the accused not violated their military oath but they had received medals for their services to their country and in the struggle against the Communists. He claimed the witnesses who had not appeared to give evidence at the trial had been threatened, because those carrying out the preliminary investigation would not have slept easily if the accused had been acquitted. During the preliminary stage of the investigation, senior officers had even been tortured by their subordinates.