The end of innocence?

It is not just preposterous and abhorrent. It is also a rupture in the child’s growing process through which one can discern an unexpected hell – a world of perversion and psychological, sexual and financial exploitation. Before seeing it for themselves, a healthy mind would have found it difficult to imagine – a Eurovision song contest for children. Youngsters are moulded by show business bosses into the kitschiest type of talentless stars. Little children, dressed up in shiny costumes, dancing, singing, bowing to the camera like a repulsive mixture of child and adult, ageless, sexless, with no clear role. Up until now we were only familiar with beauty contests for infants – those unacceptable parades of made-up, trussed-up toddlers broadcast before a public which is no longer shockable. What is that makes these events acceptable within our society? Is it that the innumerable conflicts and demands of a materialistic society have dulled our senses? Is it that this society provokes competitiveness between individuals from a young age? That the consumer society does not distinguish between different ages? It is true that youngsters these days have more or less the same freedoms as adults; there are no protective boundaries. They can enjoy both sweets and «alco-pop drinks,» both innocent fairy tales and violent computer games. Society offers them no clear roles – so they have to choose for themselves.