Preparing for defeat?

The procedure of drawing up party tickets in the countdown to any election is highly revealing of the balance of power between the political opponents. The party possessing what can be called «the air of victory» has its pick of aspiring candidates. As a result, it is in a position to best evaluate and select its representatives. At the same time, the prospect of victory gives a considerable boost to its leader’s influence, who can go ahead with decision-making without worrying about internal matters or the need for balances and compromises. And, as is to be expected, this image of cohesion, vigor and self-confidence enhances the impression of its superiority as frontrunner in the countdown to the elections. It is in this advantageous position that opposition New Democracy finds itself today. Drawing up PASOK’s party candidate lists, a process concluded on Friday, ultimately proved to be a daunting task for the ruling party because it confirmed the impression that the election has already been lost. Indeed, it was apparent that neither Simitis nor those in his administration are able to revitalize their party’s potential for consolidating and broadening their following. Instead of imposing conditions and specifications to show the public that they are preparing for victory, Simitis and his aides have succumbed to pretences and compromises which clearly suggests that they are preparing to admit defeat.