November 29, 1953

CONDITIONS IN SCHOOLS: Yesterday, shortly before noon (November 23) in the district of Mykoniatika near Aghioi Anarghyroi, in western Attica, the roof of the primary school suddenly collapsed while classes were in progress, with the result that 107 pupils were crushed beneath the tiles, wooden beams and reeds of the roof. Thirteen of the children were seriously injured and another 15 slightly, as was their teacher Anastasios Fatouros. Among the injured youngsters are (…) Vassiliki Apostolou and (…) Alexandros Kartelias (…). The first two classes of the school are housed in wooden huts. However, as there was not enough room in these for the 107 pupils of the third and fourth classes, a local property owner, Mr Anastasios Papastamatiou, had made available a half-ruined building, which was divided into two rooms, one of which was a stable and the other a hayloft. The part of the building that had formerly been used as a stable had been patched up temporarily by the local community for the children to use as a schoolroom.