December 1, 1953

COMMUNISTS ARRESTED: Investigations and interrogations continue at the General Security headquarters into the activities and the accomplices of four leading cadres from the Communist Party who have been arrested (Miltiades Zacharatos, Dimitris Dallas, Giorgios Kyriakou and Christos Apapanos, aka Captain Roumeliotis). It has also been announced that another 10 of their accomplices have been arrested. (…) The outlaws’ radio station referred to the above arrests with the following announcement: «The day before yesterday, other heroes and fighters for peace were arrested in Athens. Among them were Zacharatos and Dallas.» OUTLAW EXECUTED: According to a telegram from Hania, the outlaw Angelis Iliakis, who had had a price on his head, was executed by a police firing squad in the district of Apokorono. TSAROUCHIS: On Saturday (November 28), an exhibition of works by the artist Ioannis Tsarouchis was inaugurated in the new gallery in Monica Payne’s store. Among those present were the queen’s chief courtier and Mrs P. Leloudas.