December 2, 1953

MIRROR, MIRROR ON THE WALL: A man identified as T.T. has been charged as an accomplice in a number of acts of fraud by means of quackery and witchcraft. He has been ordered to stand trial. The perpetrator of the crime was his wife Philomela, who was unable to be brought to trial as she is bedridden. Philomela, who lives in a house at the end of Patission Street, had painted the back of a mirror with tar and said it was magic. She invited customers of both sexes to look into the mirror for hours on end to find answers to all their questions about life. The mirror showed young ladies their future husband and young men their future lifelong companion. Other people saw treasures in it, and yet others found lost possessions. Each customer paid Philomela 30,000 drachmas for her services and many flocked to her door. GREECE-BULGARIA: Paris, 25/11 – The second meeting between the Greek ambassador to Paris and his Bulgarian counterpart was held at the Bulgarian Embassy this afternoon. Sources said that no progress was made toward restoring diplomatic relations.