December 8, 1953

CONSTRUCTION ON SYNTAGMA SQUARE: From «An Athenian’s Notes» – The report I had heard regarding a recent proposal to build on Syntagma Square seemed so incredible at first, that I confess I quoted it in my column with some reservations. However, I have been relieved of all doubt by the businessman in question, who was kind enough to send me the plans, obviously for the purpose of opening a debate on the issue. In fact, what he is proposing is to be allowed to turn the square between Amalias Avenue and the sidewalk in front of Zavoritis (Ed. note: a cafe which once stood on the site of what is now the Coordination Ministry) into a single-story block (for the time being) at two levels due to the slope of the land. Here he dreams of constructing 144 stores with arcades and three cinemas. I am not about to discuss the plans themselves, the construction of which would be very difficult for the business people involved and a great disaster for Athens, since Syntagma is its only noteworthy square. Such crimes against the city cannot be committed.