December 9, 1953

BY-ELECTION: During the recent by-election in the district of Epidaurus-Limira, the Greek Rally party candidate, Ioannis Lyras, was elected to Parliament by a great majority. This by-election was the seventh in a row since the elections of 1952, which the Greek Rally party won by a landslide. The previous by-elections were held in Piraeus, Thessaloniki, Karditsa, Rethymnon, Grevena and Evros. (…) Abstentions stood at 39 percent, mainly from the unwillingness of women voters to vote. Lyras received 70 percent and the Liberal Party candidate 30 percent. KAROLOS KOUN’S ART THEATER: Friends of the Art Theater are organizing a meeting at the Parnassos Hall on December 10 at 7.30 p.m. to be addressed by Messrs Giorgos Theotokas, Karolos Koun and Aimilios Houmouzos, on the goals of the recently re-established Art Theater. GREECE-EUROPE: London, 3 – A plan to encourage foreign investments in Greece was discussed in Brussels today by Greeks and European politicians and economists. Mr Leon Makkas, a former minister, expounded on the current desperate situation in Greece.