December 15, 1953

ALEPOUDELIS AGAINST ELYTIS: (The following letter was published in Kathimerini on December 8, 1953. The author of the letter, a Mr Alepoudelis, is criticizing the then state radio station, whose director of programming was also Alepoudelis, aka the poet Odysseas Elytis) – «If I am not mistaken, the mission of every radio station is above all educational. Our station, the national station and the second, is completely indifferent to this aspect of its mission and so permits the songs it broadcasts to include references to ‘Caryatids on the Parthenon.’ Or perhaps there are Caryatids on the Parthenon but they are hidden away? And another sad question: Are our ‘composers’ so poorly educated? Yours sincerely, Alexandros Alepoudelis, 42 Agathoupoleos Street, Athens, November 20, 1953. GOLD SOVEREIGN: The rise in the price of the gold sovereign of recent weeks continued during the past week as well, due to demand mainly from the market in Thessaloniki. Last Tuesday the price was 318,000 drachmas. ETHNOLOGICAL MUSEUM: A final decision has been made to house the Ethnological Museum and the George I Museum in the old Parliament House.