Free will

I would like to take issue with the comment made by Marianna Tziantzi in her article ‘Reality TV: Is it just a slice of life?’ (December 11) that «the most outlandish meal our compatriots have had to suffer was python meat.» The Greek «Survivor» contestants were by no means forced to kill and eat the python that they were presented with by the show’s host, Grigoris Arnaoutoglou. They could have released the snake, or returned it to the production team in protest. The players were not starving; they had adequate supplies of rice and other foodstuffs at their camp. But still they chose, purely out of greed, ineptly to slaughter and consume the unfortunate reptile – an action which, in the UK at least, would be illegal under the 1911 Protection of Animals Act. CORDELIA MADDEN, Loukianou 2 Athens.