December 17, 1953

CONDITIONS IN SCHOOLS: A three-class primary school in Magoufana (now Pefki) should have five teachers but does not even have two, despite a number of protests over a long period of time to the Education Ministry. Therefore parents have begun to take their children out and send them to private schools. Already the number of pupils has dropped from 160 to 119. And this is in a suburb of Athens. One can only wonder how many schools are without teachers in the villages. PETROLEUM: Thessaloniki, 15 – In the areas of Tavri and Ferres in the prefecture of Evros, exploration by the Ilios company is continuing for deposits of petroleum. The operation is being directed by seven German geologists. According to indications so far, there appear to be oil deposits in the above-mentioned areas. Exploration will continue until it is ascertained whether the existing quantities justify the installation of refineries in the area. TROLLEY BUSES: Today the new trolley bus service will have a trial run along the Patissia-Ambelokipi route.