December 18, 1953

GREECE-BULGARIA: Thessaloniki, 17 – The protocols on the settlement of border issues between Greece and Bulgaria and the replacement of border markers were initialed yesterday in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, by the leaders of the military missions of Greece and Bulgaria which have been conducting negotiations for some time. The final signing will take place next week in a town in northern Greece, most likely Thessaloniki. (…) According to reliable sources, Greece will gain territory on the basis of the protocols. A large part of Islet No. 3 on the Evros River is to be included in Greek territory as well as sections of islets 1 and 2, which until now were occupied by Bulgaria, as well as land along the common Greek-Bulgarian-Turkish border. EXILES RELEASED: The interior minister, Mr Pafsanias Lykourezos, has signed a decision rescinding the internal exile of 179 people on the island of Aghios Efstratios. TASSOS LEIVADITIS: New book: «The Wind is Blowing at the Crossroads of the World,» poetry by Tassos Leivaditis, Athens 1953.