December 19, 1953

MARKEZINIS THE PRO-EUROPEAN: There was a general meeting of members of the American Propellor Club yesterday afternoon at the Hotel Grande Bretagne. During the dinner, the minister for coordination, Mr Spyros Markezinis, (…) made an important speech on the contribution of the US and Greece toward world peace. (…) Among other things, he said: «(…) Another idea is now coming to maturation, that of European unification. (…) Over the past three months, we have developed economic activity abroad with brilliant results (Paris, Bonn, Rome). Allow me to say that this activity is an excellent indication of just how much we believe in European economic unity. Economic unity is also one of the surest conditions for political unity. (…) Temporary difficulties should not discourage us. (…) When Europe acquires unity, the idea that it is a tired continent will prove to be a myth. It is then that the inexhaustible forces that Europe possesses will give it the strength that is necessary for its defense in these times.»