December 20, 1953

ITALIAN ‘FETA’: The wholesale price for a shipment of 1,065 barrels of Italian feta cheese has been set at 20,500 drachmas per oka (approximately 1.2 kilos). GREECE-BULGARIA: Paris, 19 – According to a telegram from Sofia, the prime minister and general secretary of the Communist Party of Bulgaria, Mr Vulko Cervenko, in a speech he gave yesterday evening at the end of the campaign for tomorrow’s elections, made the following statement with regard to negotiations currently under way to restore relations between Sofia and Athens: «During the recent negotiations to settle the question of the border demarkation between Bulgaria and Greece, the Greek side observed that the Bulgarian delegation’s behavior was exemplary. I am able to say the same for the Greek delegation. The protocol for the agreement will be signed shortly (…).» TROLLEY BUS: The transport minister, Mr Psarros, has announced that the (Electric) Transport Company has ordered another 40 trolley buses from the Italian firm Alfa Romeo, which will be used for the route between Pangrati and Kypseli.