Own fault

The premier’s close associates and friends say he is fuming at recent speculation about his imminent resignation. But what is the reason for Costas Simitis’s indignation? And whom is his anger directed against? If Simitis is genuinely upset, why didn’t he take his foreign minister to task over his controversial remarks? And why didn’t he put an end to speculation with a unambiguous confirmation that he will lead PASOK in the coming elections? Whatever the case may be, Simitis cannot argue that what is now happening inside the party is someone else’s fault. When a party is thrown into uncertainty – like the Socialist party is now – no one else can be responsible but its chairman. If Simitis were on good terms with PASOK’s senior officials, and if he had not shown keen interest in a European Union post (which did not pass by unnoticed at the party’s top echelons), then the scenarios that have supposedly irritated the prime minister would never have made the headlines. So when the government spokesman says in public that we «must accept the fact» that Simitis will take the party to the coming elections… he is referring to certain government officials that he dare not name. For those who are mainly concerned over the issue of succession are from inside PASOK. And so are those who leak related information to the media.