December 22, 1953

KING AND QUEEN WELCOMED HOME: (Report by L.G. Koromilas on the homecoming of King Pavlos and Queen Frederiki to Greece after three months away): «…The journey along Syngrou Avenue was indeed heroic. The royal limousine, open to the winds, bore the brunt of the light sleet that was falling and the sharp force of the north wind (…). I do not know whose idea it was yesterday to separate, for the first time, the sheep from the lambs during yesterday’s ceremony. I have reason to believe that neither were at all pleased. (…) The schools were deployed according to sex, with the girls all along the sidewalk in front of the Royal Garden, protected by wire, police and army so effectively that even a male cat could not enter the area. Some distance away, the boys protested at this strict measure in the age of the women’s vote and the general winter cold. (…) Also unfortunate was the Education Ministry’s decision to bring in hundreds of small schoolchildren to stand outside. (…) The north wind that was raging froze the children to their bones. I hope that none of these little children, whom the Queen has such an affection for, was taken ill.