December 27, 1953

CHRISTMAS CAROLS: The city awoke early the day before yesterday to the happy voices of children singing Christmas carols. From dawn, little children wandered the streets playing their triangles and singing traditional Christmas songs. CHRISTMAS TREES: The lovely foreign custom of decorating Christmas trees is now becoming widespread in Greece. Thousands of real and artificial trees have been put up in homes and stores with bright lights and decorations, to the great joy of the children. ANGELOS TERZAKIS: Yesterday morning at the Asty cinema there was a preview of the film «Night Adventure,» written and directed by Angelos Terzakis with Daisy Mavraki in the leading role. The music of Manos Hadjidakis and sets by the architect Patroclos Karantinos will contribute to the film’s success. BEAR COMES TO TOWN: A bear, obviously having lost its way due to the heavy snow that was falling, wandered into the town of Grevena yesterday and managed to get as far as the provincial authority’s office. It fled after being shot at by two police officers.