Cost of saving Greece

The Greek prime minister’s inability to reach a decision comes on which way he will go and seal and deal with Greece’s creditors is coming at a great cost for the country.

Alexis Tsipras is aware of his choices by now, of the terms being set by the eurozone and the dangers of Greece defaulting on its loans and being forced out of the common currency bloc.

He basically has two options: either lose the country or lose some of his party officials and voters. To save the country, under the current circumstances, and keep his party intact is impossible. He has to decide.

Keeping Greece in the eurozone without declaring bankruptcy and putting it on the path of even more strife requires a leader who will step up to the plate, make a deal and then implement the agreed measures.

If Tsipras doesn’t have what it takes then he needs to get help from others in Parliament and share the responsibility of saving the country from disaster.