Accident zone

We are living through difficult, significant moments. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has crossed the Rubicon and taken a responsible decision.

He should of course wonder about the role played by those who wasted four months supposedly negotiating without any tangible gains for the country.

What were they aiming at? What kind of motives did they have?

Along with the entire country, Tsipras finds himself in a particularly tough spot.

It is now clear that that the hard core of the eurozone would like Greece to leave the currency area. This group took advantage of the country’s negotiating errors, the pointless challenges and the loss of allies on Greece’s side. The war is now being carried out in the trenches. The country’s partners and creditors must help Athens to achieve a realistic deal and make an explicit commitment regarding debt relief as soon as Greece implements its own pledges. If this doesn’t happen, it will be clear that the local drachma lobby is acting together with its international counterpart. Clearly, we are in an accident zone.