Need for solidarity

The stubborness and intensity with which Greek government officials have habitually ruled out any possibility of coming to an understanding with their domestic political foes never ceases to amaze.

To be sure, such sterile rejectionism is not exclusive to the current leftist-led administration, but is a perennial trait of Greek governments.

Politicians’ actions are obviously driven by a thinly disguised desire to maintain their perks and power. Alexis Tsipras, the nation’s leftist prime minister, ought to have invited the other Greek political leaders who were in Brussels at the same time as him to brief them about the ongoing negotiations with international creditors, as well as to lend an ear for some meaningful feedback.

Doing so would have sent a strong signal to the people back home, as well as our international creditors. The debt-wracked country needs understanding and cooperation now more than at any other time in its recent history.