‘Yes’ to the euro

“Why is all this happening?” is the question tormenting many Greek citizens observing the disastrous situation the country is facing.

Citizens, especially the more fragile among us, have nothing to gain from closed banks, recession and unemployment, which will skyrocket, and the massive damage done to the tourism sector.

Supposedly all of this took place so that we could achieve something substantially better in our negotiations with our creditors. In the end we ended up asking for a new memorandum with yet-to-be determined terms.

While PM Alexis Tsipras could have secured the Juncker proposal or a new program in February with improved terms, he consciously opted for a delay and – covertly – a rift. Now he continues to burn bridges as well as deepen the gap of trust between Greece and the European Union to an unbelievable extent.

Given the way things are going it is clear that only a resounding “Yes” will allow Greece to fight for its place in the eurozone.