Unity in the ‘yes’ bloc

The intervention on Thursday of former Prime Minister Costas Karamanlis, who in a public statement urged Greeks to vote in favor of accepting the creditors’ reform proposals in return for rescue loans in Sunday’s referendum, was extremely important and had a positive effect.

It came at a time when support for the ‘yes’ campaign is starting to grow significantly, especially among businesspeople and figures from the arts and letters, among people who have an unshakable belief that Greece belongs firmly in the eurozone.

The pro-Europe bloc, which is growing in size every day and gaining an ever-louder voice, is fighting a critical battle over the outcome of the referendum but it will have to keep up the momentum come Monday morning in order to secure Greece’s European future.

All personal differences and petty party politics need to be put aside right now because the only priority should be protecting the interests of the nation.