Reason will prevail

We will remain in Europe and in the euro. The Greek people have not suffered this much to end up outside the eurozone.

We will not allow an irresponsible, opportunistic government to gamble away the nation’s future. It has taken advantage of Greeks’ justified anger and rage. It has made false promises and given false hope.

A “no” vote on Sunday will turn Greece into a banana republic with no protection from the major geopolitical threats looming around it.

Voting “yes,” if it is followed by the formation of a national unity government, will boost the country’s credibility. Come Monday, Greece’s main politicians will need to go to Brussels and present a common front in negotiations for an honorable agreement. If the Europeans fail to support such an effort, then we’ll know why Greece was lost.

Also on Monday, the Greek people need to shake hands with those they rowed with before the referendum and settle their differences. Whatever the outcome of the vote, we all have to live in the same country. Let’s not forget that.