Majority backing

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras appears to have made the safe choice between the peace of his party, leftist SYRIZA, and Greece’s best interests.

His decision to accept a very tough package of aid-for-reform measures following talks with the country’s foreign lenders will make sure Greece stays in the eurozone.

This is not the right time to moan. Nor is it time to pinpoint the damage caused because of the government’s ambivalence and foot-dragging. More crucial, rather, is that we safeguard the country’s strategic interests and presence in the eurozone.

The political consensus that will hopefully unfold in the coming days should not be a fleeting one. The premier has an obligation to bring the division to an end and prove that he genuinely intends to turn the page.

Sure, Tsipras will inevitably have to face the forces of populism which are of his own making. At least he can count on the support of the reasonable and responsible majority.