Quit and run

Former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, who resigned a day after Sunday’s referendum, bears the brunt of responsibility for the sorry state of the Greek economy today.

His approach to negotiations between the Greek government and the country’s international creditors has been proven extremely destructive, though thankfully this changed before the damage became even more severe. He also alienated almost all of Greece’s allies and friends with his behavior.

We do not know who advised Varoufakis to act as he did nor whether they had some kind of agenda shaping the negotiation tactics.

To top it all off, the former finance minister continues to provoke public sentiment, even now. Friday was a historic day for the Greek Parliament, which took a very bold decision. When the person who is mainly to blame for the current predicament claims he cannot join the debate and answer for his actions for personal reasons, the people have every right to get angry.