The stuff of bad drama

A significant part of SYRIZA believed that it would be able to either shake up the status quo in the eurozone or launch the revolution that would change the common currency area by taking Greece back to the drachma.

When those hoping for the first scenario realized that the combination of keeping the euro and seeing a change in the establishment was impossible, they decided to back the path to the drachma.

The problem was that they did not reveal their intentions to the Greek people before the general elections that brought them to power in January or before the July 5 referendum.

The fact is that their Plan B for Greece was infantile to say the least – the stuff of bad drama. Even worse, these champions of the drachma tried to intimidate anyone who supported a different view.

Thankfully, after all the events of the past couple of weeks, most of the public has come to learn the truth and the efforts that were made to cover it up.