Let’s get a move on

Parliament’s approval of the preliminary agreement between Athens and the creditors is just the first step in a gargantuan effort to secure Greece’s place in the euro.

We should expect a lot of challenges in the next few months.

It’s possible that Alexis Tsipras has not realized the magnitude of the task that lies before him, especially given the lack of experience and managerial skills among his government’s officials. Moreover, most of his political staff have neither the will nor the ability to do what’s needed.

Tsipras has two choices. One is to put together a kamikaze group whose only task will be the implementation of the deal. If he relies on party apparatchiks and cronies, then failure is certain.

If he reaches out to people with experience and skills, he will have a much better chance of success.

His second option is to form a completely new government with people from across the political spectrum.

Tsipras has just a few days to decide which path to take. If he spends too much time on sorting out his own camp, the specter of Grexit will re-emerge.