Fixing the party can wait

The country can no longer wait for one party to sort itself out and it’s time for Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras to realize this and make up his mind. Greece paid a hefty price for the paranoid experiments carried out by his close aides and allies.

As more information emerges regarding Plan B and C, it’s clear that in the last five months Greece’s fate lay in the hands of truly dangerous people who destroyed its economy and credibility so they could live their revolutionary fairytale.

Tsipras opted for the responsible path but he is still being held hostage to party balances and the singular personalities upon which he relied.

The country, though, does not have a minute to spare as Wolfgang Schaeuble and the drachma threat are lurking around the corner. Indecisiveness and hesitation will prove disastrous. The premier knows what lies ahead.

Anyone who senses what’s really at stake should leave inner-party workings aside and form a national unity government. It is in the country’s interest to do so. The party can wait.