Market agony

In a letter addressed to deputy Prime Minister Yiannis Dragasakis and other cabinet ministers with regard to the stifling conditions currently plaguing the Greek market, the productive sectors of the economy are expressing the agony felt by the Greek economy’s healthy portion.

This sector, according to the professionals, finds itself in an untenable position and is barely able to survive due to the government’s bad handling of the situation that led to closed banks and the imposition of capital controls.

The SYRIZA-led administration should now exhaust its powers and creativity in order to look for ways that would facilitate – to the extent to which this is possible – a return to normality.

The government must restore liquidity and create a better environment for business.

This task becomes even more crucial in the wake of several predictions regarding the Greek economy, all of which refer to a return to recession, which is, once again, the result of bad government policy.