Double standards

In the years following the military dictatorship, also known here as the Metapolitefsi, the Greek left was cleansed of its sins. It acquired some kind of right to judge everyone and not be judged itself. Challenging leftist or populist stereotypes and taboos was usually met with heavy criticism.

Leftist principles commanded respect even within PASOK and New Democracy.

The value of entrepreneurship, the need for a smaller and more efficient state, for law and order, fiscal discipline and patriotism all became anathema.

In the past few months we have seen this immunity of the left being put on show. The SYRIZA-led government appointed cronies, issued presidential decrees and catered to unionist demands – all actions that would have sparked outrage had they come from a different direction.

We must finally do away with such fixations. Leftists, centrists and conservatives must be judged by the same standards of ethics and efficiency.

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