Tab keeps growing

The middle classes and the private sector are once more being called upon to pay a huge amount of taxes and because most of these people are conscientious and law-abiding, and care for their country, they will do so even if they have exhausted whatever they had managed to set aside.

This does not mean, however, that they don’t have the right to be angry. Citizens in other countries of Europe also pay high taxes but they enjoy a high level of services, such as in healthcare, education and justice. The politicians in those countries respect every euro paid by the taxpayers and are held accountable for how they spend it.

Politicians here, including lawmakers today, perceive the state as a prize and use our taxes to maintain a gigantic and inadequate civil service. Someone eventually has to control the tax raid and start managing the public coffers more effectively because the day will come when those who usually pick up the tab will either refuse or be unable to do so.