Going all the way

It’s time for politicians who built their careers by waving the anti-memorandum flag to swallow the bitter bailout pill. Perhaps they are starting realize that others who found themselves in the same position in the last years were not traitors, nor were they trying to annihilate the middle classes. They knew that signing austerity measures would compromise their political career. They also knew, similarly to those in government now, that there was no other way to go – despite the fantasies of those who want Greece to leave Europe.

The country needs growth, and this requires political stability, consensus and a plan. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras will see that there can be no growth with ministers who despise the notion of investment. Based solely on tax hikes, pension cuts and no growth in sight, the government will meet the same fate as its recent predecessors. The administration should complete the shift toward realism and change its stance towards the private sector.