Party reboot

New Democracy is in a sorry state right now and responsibility for this lies both with those under the spotlight and those moving behind the scenes. At a time when the country needs a trustworthy opposition, the conservatives appear unable to tie their shoelaces. At a time when voters who are not traditional ND supporters are looking in its direction, the party has entered a period of introversion and contention. Nevertheless, party heavyweights do not have the right to behave so irresponsibly, caught in a cul-de-sac of partisan gossip and insults.

Whatever the personal differences of the party’s leadership may have been in the past, ND always kept a certain level of discretion. Clearly, the “party,” in the narrow sense of the term, should close down and reform on a new basis. It is an old, bankrupt mechanism unable to cope with the political demands of the times.

ND is not a formation to be discarded, but it will turn into small fiefdoms and extra-institutional centers if the visible and invisible leading players don’t get serious.