February 2, 1954

INTELLECTUAL McCARTHYISM: (From a commentary by Emilios Hourmouzios): «There are currently some people in Greece who persist in having a monopoly on choice. What is ridiculous is that they want that monopoly of choice for themselves alone. Anyone who does not swear to the infallibility of their judgement on any subject, even those about which they know absolutely nothing, is an enemy of the State, an enemy of religion, an enemy of national traditions. They call for the vigilance of governments, clerics and prosecutors to impose sanctions against those who stray. This is the worst kind of intellectual dictatorship, which all free people who believe in the sanctity of their given right to think and express their thoughts freely, without instructions given by others, have no hesitation in rejecting out of hand. EYESORE: (From «An Athenian’s Notes»): As one drives into Athens along Iera Odos, opposite the Dromokaiteion Hospital on the outskirts of the city, one passes an outhouse built on the side of the road out of tin cans. The police should immediately remove this eyesore.