Slipshod work

The slipshod manner in which many government officials dealt with the issue of the so-called “parallel program” of social measures meant to offset the effects of austerity imposed by the country’s international creditors is almost impressive.

No one had bothered to calculate how much the draft law presented to Parliament would cost as the authorities ought to have done and it was obvious that the measures were merely a bid to quiet dissenting voices within the ruling leftist SYRIZA party who are opposed to the bailout deal. It was basically a countermeasure designed by SYRIZA MPs scared of the cost of voting for more painful measures.

But what this mess has achieved on the domestic front is to strengthen the impression that Greek governments are powerless when it comes to facing the creditors. On an international level, meanwhile, it is yet another blow to the credibility the government has so painstakingly tried to regain.