Dreams and reality

If we were to close our eyes and dream a little, we would wish for the new year to be peaceful and free of war and the refugee crisis, free of the fear of terrorist attacks taking place anywhere in the world, for Europe to solve its many, complicated problems and for the global climate to return to normal and stop causing natural disasters.

As far as Greece is concerned, our dream would be for the country to get over the crisis, to reduce its unemployment and poverty figures, to regain its sense of self-confidence, to correct distortions and operate in a well-structured manner, so that we can face the future with a feeling of renewed optimism. 

In reality, of course, 2016 does not look like it will be rosy.

The problems in Greece and beyond its borders are far too great to be dealt with once and for all in the course of a year – even if a united front of determination was to be displayed on both the international and the local level. 

We can, however, wish for a new start, for some efforts with tangible and realistic targets, so that we don’t end up suffocating.