Sign of hope

All of the myriad institutions, foundations, organizations and individual citizens who have got involved in initiatives and campaigns to help their fellow humans in these difficult times deserve our heartfelt congratulations.

In a country where needs are not just already very challenging but also growing by the day, it is important – indeed moving – to see such a response and the way in which a culture of giving has taken hold.

The crisis in Greece is twofold. On the one hand, there are large parts of Greek society that can no longer make ends meet and are living either on the brink of poverty or even below that level, unable to pay for the basic goods and services needed to survive. On the other, we have the refugee and migrant crises, which have seen thousands of people fleeing war and poverty and looking for a better life in Europe.

But as we face these two enormous challenges, it is encouraging to see how many of our fellow citizens are willing to sacrifice time and money to help those who need it most.