Strength in unity

The center-right has chosen a new leader and this is important because the country needs a responsible and strong opposition right now as the problems it faces are huge and the government had been left without any serious rivals that could ably challenge its decisions.

It is vital that Kyriakos Mitsotakis succeeds in his new role as leader of New Democracy, and for this to happen he must not hesitate when it comes to taking big decisions.
The conservative party is in need of a complete overhaul that will turn it into a modern European party, but Mitsotakis and his closest aides also have a duty to ensure that the party remains united and strong throughout that challenging process.

This is no time for settling old scores or backstabbing, especially in a party that has already paid a steep toll for engaging in such behavior in the past. What it now needs to do is pull itself together and stand on its feet so it can prove itself worthy of the people’s vote in the next elections.