February 5, 1954

GREECE-BULGARIA: Official sources yesterday confirmed the report that Greek-Bulgarian talks currently under way in Paris have made considerable progress, giving rise to hopes that there will soon be full agreement between the two countries on the resumption of diplomatic relations. (…) The point in the Bulgarian reply that requires clarification concerns the procedure for handing over prisoners taken in the war against the bandits as well as the Greek children kidnapped by them. The Bulgarian government appears to have reservations on this issue, and with accepting the Greek view that «if there are prisoners» and «as long as the Greek children kidnapped by the bandits wish to return home.» (…) Bulgaria has accepted the payment in compensation, as set out in the peace treaty, of $45 million and the return of of 1,000 railway cars and steam engines taken from Greece by the Bulgarian army during the occupation. NO CREW CUTS: The education minister, Mr C. Kallias, has clarified that a circular on the proper etiquette for [male] schoolteachers does not require that they wear their hair in a crew cut.