February 6, 1954

CRISIS IN TRIPARTITE COMMITTEE: Paris, 5 – According to reports from Belgrade, prompted by statements by the Greek prime minister, Field Marshal Alexandros Papagos, in Brussels and The Hague that the Balkan Treaty could be attached to the Atlantic Treaty in the near future, the Yugoslav Foreign Ministry spokesman said in his weekly press conference today that Yugoslavia’s stance toward NATO remained unchanged. Yugoslavia has never shown the slightest desire to join NATO under any circumstances. POLICE: The Athens police chief, Mr N. Tsaousis, yesterday summoned to his office the author of the comedy «Hard Man» currently being performed at the Kentrikon Theater, Mr G. Roussos, and informed him that according to certain police officers, the comedy satirizes the police in an offensive manner. Mr Roussos assured Mr Tsaousis that his play simply poked fun at weak-willed people and that a satire of the police is quite harmless. By order of Mr Tsaousis, one of the deputy directors of the police, Mr Papadopoulos, accompanied by other officers, will watch the play tonight to decide as to whether it depicts the police unfairly.