February 7, 1954

GREECE-USA-USSR: Paris, 6 (from our corespondent S. Theodorou) – Reliable Atlantic and US circles have characterized reports in the Athens press that Washington is deeply concerned and in fact condemns the policy being followed by Greece’s Papagos government toward Russia and its Balkan satellites as totally unfounded. On the contrary, they say that American political leadership, fully aware of the way Greece is dealing with the Russian peace offensive in the Balkans, not only approves of it but is encouraging it, since the main goal of US policy has always been to secure world peace with absolute respect for the independence of all nations. In particular, with regard to negotiations to restore normal diplomatic relations with Bulgaria, the US has never expressed objections or concern, given that not only Greece will benefit from them, but the entire free Western world, which believes that restoring real contact between free peoples and those subjugated by the Russian alliance will undoubtedly contribute to an awakening of a sense of freedom and national independence from blind submission to the Kremlin’s imperialist policy.