February 11, 1954

USSR AND ZACHARIADIS: New York, 8 (From our correspondent) – According to sources abroad, the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) is about to undergo a broad transformation by order of Moscow. It is reported that (KKE general secretary) Nikos Zachariadis has been accused by Russian observers in Greece of being an agent for the British secret service. Russian representatives in Athens blame the current party leadership for all the wrongs that have befallen Communists in Greece. The Russian ambassador in Athens, Mr Sergeyev, has allegedly said that pro-Russian propaganda in Greece has suffered serious harm because of the current KKE leadership. KOLOKOTRONIS: A large crowd of people gathered in the forecourt of the Old Parliament building yesterday afternoon to watch the positioning the bronze statue of (Greek War of Independence leader Theodoros) Kolokotronis in its new place. EXISTENTIALISTS: Attica Prefect G. Georgiadis appealed to a court yesterday to call for the disbanding of the Athens Association of Existentialists, submitting police reports on the illegal acts committed by the association.