February 19, 1954

INVITATION TO TITO: London, 18 – According to a telegram from Belgrade to Reuters, it has been officially announced that Yugoslav President Field Marshal Tito is to visit Greece. The Greek ambassador in Belgrade, Mr Kapetanidis, handed the invitation to Field Marshal Tito on behalf of King Pavlos of the Hellenes and the Greek government. The communiqué does not mention the dates of the visit. It will be Field Marshal Tito’s third trip abroad, after his visit last year to Great Britain, and his projected visit to Turkey later in the spring. RETURN FROM KOREA: A warm welcome was in store for the 38 officers and 360 men of the Greek force in Korea who arrived in Piraeus yesterday aboard the US troop carrier General Blackford. (…) Shortly after noon, the returning officers and men were driven through the city, where they were cheered by crowds lining the main roads. The returning officers include Brigadiers Taxiarchis Katsimitros, Ioannis Pezas, Ioannis Koutaris and Venizelos Tzaidas (…).