Justified anger

Self-delusions and lies always come at a heavy price. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras came to power on the promise of a debt write-off, the abolition of the single property tax (ENFIA), the end of the privatization of state assets and much, much more.

Perhaps he really believed that he could pull it off, even though every serious person in the country knew what was in store for him.

The Greek people have a right to feel cheated. Many of them believed all the promises and now see their taxes skyrocketing, the debt being restructured without a write-off and a new privatization agency with a 99-year mandate.

The measures went to a vote in Parliament last night, but, for most of us, watching those lawmakers who built their careers on fighting such policies now backing them is quite infuriating. The people are growing angrier and angrier because they were tricked, if not defrauded, by politicians, yet again. Their tolerance and strength have been exhausted.

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