Bringing the best back home

There is nothing new about the knowledge that Greece is losing some of its finest minds and talents.

Thousands of young Greeks are leaving the country, unable to bear any longer the prevailing sense of misery and the fact that they can’t get jobs.

The solution to this is not the creation of new positions in the public sector or the establishment of a tradition of academics-civil servants working at universities, whose sole target is permanence.

In order for this dynamic portion of the Greek workforce to return, there must be real opportunities, lower taxes and contributions, as well as a sense that profit and entrepreneurship are no longer associated with feelings of guilt.

No one from those who have succeeded abroad will return if they are to end up making less than half of their nominal salary, especially in the absence of any serious benefits from the state in exchange.

The country is in desperate need of pockets of excellence that would lure successful Greeks to return home. In other words, the exact opposite of what the government is aiming for.